Saturday, March 24, 2012

McLaren Deliver Another 1-2 Punch

I usually love back-to-back race weekends. Not this time though, but only because I will be unable to watch the race live this weekend and thus, will likewise be unable to use my (non-existent) telekinetic powers to influence the race.

Familial Obligations- 1, Me- 1.

Consolation is I got to watch qualifying live. Yay.

McLaren notched up another 1-2 with Lewis again ahead of Jenson.

Don't burst this bubble.

It was kind of nice to see LewHam smile after he relived some of his teenage angst in front of live television last week. I think he became even more thrilled when the legendary Michael Schumacher joined him at his side after qualifying 3rd on the grid.

Yeah, Michael. Feel that Hammy love right there.

This is the Kaiser’s first appearance in the Top 3 since 2006. This is also the first time since 2006 that my mom tuned in for the presser. Happy woman, she was.

In other breaking news, a fire broke out in the Lotus hospitality unit due to a blown fuse from one of their refrigerators. This is what the team had to say:
“Our sympathy goes out to those who were first into the fire-damaged facility, as they will be rather smoke-fragranced for the remainder of the day. We may also see a few hungry looking Lotus F1 Team members wandering around the paddock, and possibly a certain driver hunting down alternative ice cream resources…”

Lotus says: "We Didn't Start the Fire." He did though.

The loss of all those MagnumTM ice cream bars and cans of CokeTM must have been more disheartening to Kimi than the five-place grid penalty he incurred for a gearbox change, which pushes him down to P10.

It's not too often that you see the Iceman show such a display of emotion.

Wait 'til he sees this:

Martin enjoying his loot.

The first of those to move up a place because of the Iceman’s penalty is reigning double world champion Sebastian Vettel. Seb V is two-for-two on P6 qualifying but will start the race 5th behind teammate Mark Webber.

Look at this gem. Not even photoshopped.

Seb is also the only driver in the top ten to qualify on hards. If he’s still got some luck leftover from Melbourne, it shouldn’t rain, at least not until he’s taken advantage of what should be a longer first stint.

At this moment, that looks unlikely. Then again, Malaysian weather is a shady she-dog and for all we know, the race could get cancelled altogether.

Onto the Ferrari camp, it was another dismal display from Felipe who qualified 12th whilst Fernando moves up to 8th.

You know something’s wrong when Rob Smedley praises a driver for being three to four tenths off his teammate’s pace. Either Rob is just really nice or he has already received orders to simply baby Felipe until he is abruptly let go in the not too distant future.

I wouldn’t bet against the latter especially when Sergio Perez, one of the candidates for the No. 2 seat at Ferrari, put in another good performance in his Sauber by qualifying right behind Fernando.

And as we reach the end of this post, we reach the end of the grid. Both HRT cars have made it inside the 107% window. Huzza!

That was quick. Not them obviously, but the life of my betting pool. I expected it to go on for longer. Alas, pay up bishes!

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